BYNEX Commissions and Fees

Commissions and Fees

For input and output

Method of paymentCommissionMinimum amountMaximum amount
Visa cards, Belarusbank JSB
BYN0.45%25 BYN
USD0.45%10 USD
EUR0.45%10 EUR
RUB0.45%750 RUB
Visa cards, other banks
BYNfrom 25 BYN to 250 BYN: 3 BYN + 2.5%
from 250.01 BYN: 2.00%
25 BYN
USDfrom 10 USD to 100 USD: 1.2 USD + 2.5%
from 100.01 USD: 2.00%
10 USD
EURот 10 EUR до 100 EUR: 1.2 EUR + 2.5%
from 100.01 EUR: 2.00%
10 EUR
RUBот 10 RUB до 7000 RUB: 90 RUB + 2.5%
from 7000.01 RUB: 2.00%
750 RUB
ERIP (Only in Belarus)
BYN1.6%5 BYN29 000 BYN
Bank Transfer - Through the territory of the Republic of Belarus
(The sending bank may charge the fee)
BYN, USD, EUR, RUBNot charged by BYNEX-
Bank Transfer - International Transfer
(Beneficiary Bank and Correspondent Bank may charge the fee)
USD, EUR, RUBNot charged by BYNEX-
ETHNot charged by BYNEX0.01
BTCNot charged by BYNEX0.001
LTCNot charged by BYNEX0.001
USDT (ERC20)Not charged by BYNEX10
* Payment systems and banks can impose restrictions (limits) on the deposit / withdrawal of funds.

Upon reaching the total amount of funds deposited by you (in the form of cash or tokens in equivalent) in the amount of USD 20,000 during a calendar month, you must provide information (confirmation) of the origin of the sources of funds.

In accordance with Article 263 and Article 266 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus, an 15% offshore tax is payable in case of withdrawing funds::
  • to a non-resident of the Republic of Belarus registered in an offshore zone,
  • to an account opened in an offshore zone.
The list of offshore zones was approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of May 25, 2006 N 353 (as amended on November 26, 2014) "On approval of the list of offshore zones".

When trading

Maker / Taker commission0.25%